Groups Ninja vs Group Leads

See how we compare side by side & why you should choose Group Leads.

Groups Ninja
Ease of use Yes -
Live chat support Yes No
Starting Pricing $27 $49
Is Zapier needed No Yes
Direct integration with autoresponders Yes (33 autoresponder/CRMs) No
Private dashboard for storing leads Yes No
Number of Groups 2 Facebook groups allowed 1 Facebook groups allowed
Facebook group automatic approval Yes with lots of options No
Lead generation One Click Requires multiple steps
Auto message declined group members Yes No
Auto decline new group members based on keywords Yes No
Tag new group members in welcome post Yes No
Send welcome message to new group members Yes No
Message new group members before approval Yes No
Apply tag to new member via (Chatsilo) Yes No
Send new group member data to your private dashboard Yes No
Use on unlimited computers Yes Not Sure

A Facebook Group extractor that does not require Zapier!

Finally! A Facebook Group extractor solution exists that integrates directly with your preferred emails service provider. Unlike other Chrome extensions that require bulky Zapier integrations, Group Leads integrates seamlessly with your autoresponder. Now, you can extract data from your Facebook group and import it into your email service provider directly. Marketing to your Facebook group leads has never been easier.

Kody Steddy

We get 30+ leads every day and this has saved us so much time and gotten us so much quality market research. Plus, there is no need for Zapier like the other similar extensions on the market. More inclusive with a reasonable price for the time saved.

Extract data from all of your Facebook Groups.

While Ninja Alternative limits you to just one Facebook group with the lite version for $49, Group Leads supports unlimited Facebook groups. The Group Leads starter plan supports up to two Facebook Groups for just $8.99 per month. You can use Group Leads with an unlimited number of groups for a one-time payment for $279. The value is unmatched!

Zakaria Abdelli

Vegan for life

"I'm in love with this extension. I collected 5,000 emails from my groups in just one month! Very useful, very easy to use and to update and most of all very affordable. Thank you Group Leads team."

Group Leads Customer Support

Superior support every step of the way.
Group Leads never leaves you in the lurch. Our support team is with you 100% to ensure you have everything you need to extract data from your Facebook group. In addition to email support, we offer walkthrough videos and set up calls to troubleshoot issues if they arise. We understand how important your business is, and we strive to make Group Leads easy and simple to use.

Becky Launder

Launder Enterprises, LLC

I just started using Group Leads and it is going to save me hours of time and tracking! I ran into one small issue (my user error) and Jamiu jumped on a Zoom call to help me sort it out. Huge time saver! Great customer service! I am thrilled to use this automation tool!

Autoresponder integration

With Group Leads, you do not have to pay Zapier fees or set up bulky Zapier connections. Extract data from your Facebook group and add your leads to your preferred email marketing system directly.

Easy to use

Your time is precious. As a business owner, you do not have time to waste on complicated programs or Chrome extensions with bugs. Group Leads was designed to be easy to use, making it fast and simple to generate leads from your Facebook group.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Nothing makes us as proud as hearing from our satisfied clients. We love when entrepreneurs tell us how much they enjoy using Group Leads and how it has helped their business. You are sure to love Group Leads, but if you are not completely satisfied, we will give you a full refund.

Automation to save time

One click is all it takes to extract data from your Facebook group. Once you have set up Group Leads, you can automatically approve new members and transfer data with just one click. Automation is an entrepreneur's best friend!

Make Money by Marketing to Your Facebook Ninja Alternative

The winner is clear when you compare Ninja Alternative vs Group Leads. Group Leads supports entrepreneurs by providing the automation and integration you need to quickly extract data from your Facebook group. You can easily market to your leads with direct integration with your preferred email marketing service. Turn your Facebook group into a gold mine with Group Leads.