Group Funnel vs Group Leads

See how we compare side by side & why you should choose Group Leads.

Group Funnel
Ease of use Yes -
Live chat support Yes No
Starting Pricing $27 $297
Is Zapier needed No Yes
Direct integration with autoresponders Yes (33 autoresponder/CRMs) No
Private dashboard for storing leads Yes No
Number of Groups 2 Facebook groups allowed 1 Facebook groups allowed
Facebook group automatic approval Yes with lots of options No
Lead generation One Click Requires multiple steps
Auto message declined group members Yes No
Auto decline new group members based on keywords Yes No
Tag new group members in welcome post Yes No
Send welcome message to new group members Yes No
Message new group members before approval Yes No
Apply tag to new member via (Chatsilo) Yes No
Send new group member data to your private dashboard Yes No
Use on unlimited computers Yes Not Sure

Your Facebook Group extractor should actually extract data.

When you purchase Facebook Group Funnel, you are purchasing a Google Sheets document. You are not buying a sophisticated tool that automatically extracts data from your Facebook group in order to save you time and money. Group Leads is different. Our Chrome extension integrates with your Facebook group to automatically approve new members and extract their data. We provide a real solution that saves countless hours of work.

Timothy Olukayode Ajayi

SterBridge Hub

Group Leads for us is a saving grace! When I started my Facebook Group, it was easy for me to manually copy and paste the answers of the welcome questions…But as the group grew bigger, it became almost impossible for me and my team to manually get that information. Everything changed ever since we started using Group Leads. Thanks to Jamiu for this amazing tool. We now get leads directly from our Facebook Group into Mailchimp faster and easier than ever!"

Make copying and pasting a thing of the past.

If your Facebook group extractor is not automatically pulling data for you, it is not saving you time. Busy entrepreneurs do not have time to copy and paste data from their Facebook group to a spreadsheet. At Group Leads, we love to hear stories from our users of the time they save managing their Facebook group. We make it our mission to ensure the lead generation process from your Facebook group is as easy and quick as possible.

Anthony Rice

Anthony Financial IQ Rice

I'm very happy with the app. A task that took me 2 to 5 minutes can now be done in one second. Once you're set up, you'll have a wonderful experience. Time is money.

Group Leads Customer Support

Group Leads provides unmatched support every step of the way. While you can always get support via email, we are ready to help you in any way we can. Your experience using the Group Leads chrome extension is so important to us. Whether you need a personalized demo video or a one-on-one call, we will make sure your extension is up and running and your Facebook group is generating leads.

Brenna Cliver

U.S Marine Corps

This is such a vital product that I was super surprised to find that there was only one available! 10/10 recommend for ease of accessibility and incredible customer service. Jamiu, the creator, walks you through setup personally, troubleshoots problems with you and has immediate responsiveness (less than one minute)

Automatic approval

With just one click, you can automatically approve all of your new members. All of your new member data will be added to your Google Sheet instantly. You never have to copy or paste any data from your Facebook Group ever again.

More than just a spreadsheet

Group Leads offers more than just a place to hold your Facebook Group data. Our chrome extension makes it possible to automate processes that would otherwise take you a long time to complete. From approving your new group member to extracting data, we help you handle it all.

Autoresponder integration

Skip the Zapier step and integrate Group Leads directly with your email autoresponder. With one click, you can extract data from your Facebook Group and add your leads to your preferred email marketing system.

Money-back guarantee

We back up our promises with a money-back guarantee. You are sure to love Group Leads and be impressed by the many features we provide. However, if you are not satisfied, we will provide a full refund.

Turn your Facebook group members into leads in the fewest steps possible

As an entrepreneur, your time is invaluable. When you compare Facebook Group Funnel vs Group Leads, the winner is clear. With Group Leads, there is no need to copy and paste your Facebook group data or manually add it to your email service provider. Save an incredible amount of time with our one-click feature, unmatched support, and impressive services to help generate leads from your Facebook group.