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Promote Group Leads & help your audience CONVERT new Facebook group members INTO LEADS & PAYING CUSTOMERS (Without Wasting Time & Money)

THE KARTRA OF Facebook Group Chrome Extensions

Group Leads is a 6-in-1 Facebook Group Admin Software Suite That Allows Your Customers To Get Leads From Their Facebook Groups FAST & EASY. It’s currently being used by over 5000+ Weekly Active Users. Check the short demo below.

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We give everything you need to automate lead collection and sell more of your products

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✔ The Fastest Lead Generation Process.

✔ Powerful Lead Generating Tool

✔ Latest In The Market: Save 100 hours per week

Email Body:

Hi [name],

Do you run a fast-growing Facebook group?

Do you want to generate leads, find more prospective clients and make more money from your Facebook group?

Tired of finding spammy, expensive, tech cumbersome tools for lead generation?

We’ve got something brilliant for you here.

Introducing ‘Group Leads: The ultimate Facebook group lead generation tool for EVERYONE!!’

Proven to help generate 5000 leads in the email list for just 1 user within a very short period of time.

Group Leads is used by over 2000+ Entrepreneurs and Businesses to gather invaluable lead data from their Facebook groups.

“Automation” is the magic word. Group Leads automates EVERYTHING for you.

Tediously approving 15 – 25 members every day on multiple Facebook groups?

You can do this automatically with Group Leads.

Manually copy-pasting each answer from each new member into a Google Sheet? Or paying an assistant by the hour to do that for you?

Get Group Leads to do that for you automatically.

Copying each email address from that Google Sheet onto your email marketing software to grow your email list, member by member, day by day?

You can automate this with Group Leads.

Can’t find your email marketing software supported by any other lead generating software tool?

27+ email autoresponders are integrated with Group Leads.

Paying other extra software monthly to do analytics and research on data from your Facebook groups?

Save your $$ money, Group Leads’ got you covered on this!

Don’t want to lose out on members? Finding it time-consuming to send a custom message to those who haven’t answered the group entry questions?

Automate that with Group Leads.

Spammers filling up your Facebook group and turning down your stats?

Auto-decline spammers with Group Leads.

Afraid of losing your leads and data?

Triple saving of your data with Group Leads.

And so much more!

Grab your own Group Leads right here [insert link]!!


P.S: Ever found software that lets you try ALL of its features for FREE? Group Leads gets you started on FREE for ANY package of your choice! Check it out now!


✔ Automatic Content Generator.

✔ Generate Leads & Content 10x Times On AutoPilot

Email Body:

Hi [name],

Do you struggle with finding content ideas? We’d wondered for a while too. But we found the permanent solution. It’s right there, in Facebook groups.

Now you have an active and thriving Facebook group. With loads of members joining in often. That, right there is your diamond mine of content.

All you have to do is download and connect Group Leads to your Facebook group(s).

Here’s the link to this (Insert link).

Then, set up 3 questions for your group.

These questions are the threshold that let in only active and engaging members into your group. Those who are truly invested and want to hear every drop of words from you.

The ideal first question makes your new member tell you about what they are looking for in your group.

The second question will make your new joinee tell you what they want to contribute to your group.

The last of the questions should be the email address of the joining member.

Then, Group Leads does the rest for you!

Here’s what happens:

All the 3 answers new members enter, now go to 3 places as data.
Firs,t they are stored on the Group Leads dashboard. Here you can do multiple analytics on the data.
The answers are then stored automatically on a Google Sheet. You can keep this as a record.
The email addresses move to form an email list for you automatically with Group Leads.
Your email marketing software can be easily linked to Group Leads. Now your email list is ready to be sent with content.
(Insert Link)

From the Google sheet, you can have a bucketload of content ideas stored and stacked in order for you!

Each time you have new members joining your Facebook groups, they’ll tell you themselves what they want to hear from you!

If your groups are thriving with new members, every content collection and lead generation step becomes a hassle for you manually.

Hence, here’s Group Leads (Insert Link) which automates everything for you!

Don’t miss out on this latest content marketing secret. Grab your chrome extension of Group Leads right now!

Cheers to your Success!

P.S: Over 2000+ daily users of Group Leads are reaping the benefits of automated content and lead generation. Don’t get left out!


✔ 25 New Fb Group Members = 25 Future Clients!

✔ Get Future Paying Customers on Autopilot

Email Body:

Hi [name],

Do you want an automatic way to get more customers to buy from you? Is there even such a thing? Yes.

Your Facebook group is a goldmine of leads. See, you built your Facebook group as a community of loyal members.

These members wait each day, each week to hear what you say and see what you show. They comment, like and encourage as well as put in invaluable inputs.

Every member joins your group with the same goal in mind; to join your exclusive community of expertise.

This is where you get your customers. These very new members who are hoping to join your Facebook group are the very ones who will buy your service or product the moment they are led to it.

So how will you lead them to your service or products? By getting yourself your very own Group Leads.

An extremely versatile tool in the market of lead generation with over 2000+ users, Group Leads is the 1 tool that you need to get those sales numbers going right up!

Now how will Group Leads help you get more customers?

Here’s what you do:

Install the Group Leads Chrome extension (yep it is that simple!) Link up your Facebook group(s) to Group Leads. Connect a Google sheet and your favourite email marketing software. Done!

Here’s what Group Leads does for you then:

Each time you have members joining your group, they answer 3 questions. Group Leads auto moves these answers to your Google Sheet. (Now you have a database) Then Group Leads also moves the email addresses of your new members onto your email list. Done! You now have customers who are loyal and need almost 0 convincing to buy from you. (Insert Link)

No other software tool in the digital marketing space offers lead generation in such a simple, non-techy, time-saving package.

Multiple software reviewers have mentioned that only Group Leads generates leads/ future paying customers from Facebook groups without the use of expensive multiple tools.

Over 2,000+ ENTREPRENEURS & BUSINESSES are using Group Leads to build their email list and line up their customers on AUTOPILOT.

If you’re looking to grow your business, get more clients, up your sales, make more money and smash the market out there, look no further!

Here’s your very own Group Leads (Insert link)!


[Your Name]

P.S: With clients, customers, sales and services, comes the other humongous task of market research and data analytics. You don’t have to buy another software for that. Group Leads does your market research and data analytics! Check it yourself, you’ll be amazed by how much automation there is!


✔ 8 Lead Generation Task = 1 Software Only

✔ Do 8 Things On AutoPilot with this One Tool

✔ Latest In The Market: Save 100 hours per week

Email Body:

Hi [name],

Do you spend hours clicking all over your screen 10x times just to generate leads from your Facebook group?

Instead, you want to fully focus on creating your content and marketing your products or service?

According to, automation is the technique, or system of operating or controlling a process by highly automatic means, reducing human intervention to a minimum.

If you have a rapidly growing Facebook group there are multiple things you do manually.

You add people, copy-paste their email addresses and answers from the questions when they send a request, manually analyze the data, copy-paste those email addresses onto your email autoresponders, etc. The list is long.

Oh, and if you run multiple groups in different or similar niches/products/services, you do every single task manually, multiple times!

What if I let you in on a secret to have ALL of that done automatically in just ONE click???

Crazy right? Wrong. There is 1 really superb gem of a software tool in the market called Group Leads.

True to its name, Group Leads automates your entire lead generation process from your Facebook group.

You do not have to be techy at all to get this done. In one single installation and setup, you get your Facebook group(s) linked to Group Leads, connect that to your email marketing software and done!

Here’s everything you can get from Group Leads:

Save your money and time.
Generates leads from your Facebook groups.
Save your data automatically on a Google sheet.
Grow your email list automatically.
Integrates your leads with your favourite email marketing software.
Multiple options to auto-approve members.
Automatically provide your groups’ data for analytics and improvement purposes.
Send a custom message to members who haven’t answered the questions before joining.
Automatically decline spammers.
Prevent data loss; save data in 3 places at one go.
(Insert Link)

Can you imagine? All of this done automatically for you by Group Leads? You’ll be freeing up so much time in your schedule to do more of your important tasks like actually creating content or marketing your goods.

Also, you end up bundling customers and skyrocketing your sales by the go each time you have a fresh wave of members joining up your Facebook group.

Do you know what that means? Yup, you guessed it! More sales and much more money for you!

Don’t spend another minute clicking around on your Facebook group! Just go ahead to this (Insert link) and grab your very own Group Leads!!!



Bring Money IN With This Lead Generating Tool

Spend Less Money To Make More Sales From Facebook Groups


Hi [name],

If you have a business with an online presence on Facebook, money should be coming in and NOT going out, right?

But then you have to get tasks done, like automate a lead generation process, say like from your Facebook group. You have three ways to do that:

1. Pay an hourly fee to a personal assistant (Time, Money, Human error, Privacy) 2. Buy a bunch of interconnected software tools (Each having hefty monthly payments, more tech stuff to figure out, Time, not fully automated) 3. Or just get yourself ONE simple Chrome extension that you can start for FREE to do the entire lead generation tasks in just one button.

If you are all set for option 3, then welcome to Group Leads.

If your time and money is precious, and you want to generate leads from your Facebook group, then you need Group Leads which is a simple to use Chrome extension.

Ever since Facebook emerged as a tool for online business presence, a lot of potential customers and clients hang out here. The best place to find them is your very own Facebook group.

Here’s how Group Leads works to help you make more money:

Here’s everything you can get from Group Leads:

  • More customers = More Money.
  • Group Leads captures leads from new joining members of your group.
  • It then stores that data on Google Sheet as a structured database.
  • It also stores the data on its dashboard wherein you can perform analytics and market research.
  • Finally, it transfers leads automatically to your Email marketing software, thereby growing your email list of potential clients and customers.
  • Since the members of your group become loyal followers of your business, you have a short-cut to turning them into successful sales.

All this gets done automatically. You do literally nothing in the process, except just getting the Chrome extension of Group Leads.

(Insert Link)

You’ll find quite a number of similar-sounding software in the market. None of them, however, are able to do the entire lead generation process in one single package.

Most of them require the purchase of other extra software like Zapier etc to function fully. Group Leads doesn’t require all that.

The best part about Group Leads is that you can start for FREE. You get to choose a package that suits your business type and size. You’ve got multiple Facebook groups? Group Leads has got that covered too!

If your priority is to spend less out of your pockets to get more sales from your Facebook group(s), get started on Group Leads (insert link) right away!


[Your Name]

P.S: Over 5000+ businesses and entrepreneurs use Group Leads. Do you want to jump in before your competitors hear of this?

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Ever heard of a software that generates leads from your Facebook group in one click?

Introducing: Group Leads – One tool for the entire process.

Grab it here:[Link]
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Your time and money is precious.

Start for FREE and auto-generate leads from your Facebook group.

Get Group Leads here:[Link]
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Out of ideas for relatable content?

Gather content from your own Facebook group members with Group Leads!

Get it here: [Link]
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Using multiple pricey tools to generate leads from Facebook?

Dump them and get all-in-one Group Leads. THE tool to fully automate lead generation for you.

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Owner of a fast-growing Facebook group?

Auto-generate leads with Groups Leads, grow your email list and get more paying customers!

Get it here and start for FREE:[Link]
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Do you still manually copy email addresses of members joining your Facebook group?

Get Group Leads. It does that and so much more on AUTOPILOT!

Find out how:[link]
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Want to grow quickly?

Find more paying clients right in your Facebook group. Group Leads- groundbreaking tool that captures leads and converts them to your potential clients, in just one click.

Here’s how:[Link]
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How many days does it take you to create a Facebook group funnel?

It takes me only a few minutes to do that with Group Leads. Sharing a secret with you:

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One lead generation tool: 5 automated tasks.

Possible only with Group Leads. Run daily by over 2000 entrepreneurs and business, this chrome extension catapults your business growth quickly!

Learn more here: [Link]
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Does it take forever to comb through hundreds of member approvals for your Facebook group?

Groups Leads is a simple chrome extension that does for you in seconds and also generates leads at the same time!

Here’s more:[Link]

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FB Post 1

I was spending a lot of time trying to filter members that were joining my Facebook group. I needed only those members who would increase value and engagement in the group. But as my group started getting a lot of requests, I got overwhelmed.

I hunted through the internet for a possible solution and Look what I found! The most versatile tool ever!

It is called Group Leads. This is a chrome extension. So easy to set up and use! It has completely automated the member filter and approval process for my Facebook group.

That’s not it. It has so many more amazing functions that I could now grow my email list and generate leads over 2500+ leads in a very short period of time!

Here are all the things Group Leads can do for you, as it does for me:

- Generates leads on Autopilot from all of your Facebook groups.

- Saves leads and data on a Google Sheet immediately.

- Automatically integrates your leads with your email marketing software.

- Quickly grows your email list on autopilot.

- A variety of options for auto-approving group members.

- Decline spammers from joining your Facebook group automatically.

- Saves your data in 3 places so you never lose any data.

- It provides multiple options to perform analytics on your lead data.

All this, I could test it out for FREE before starting. I haven’t found a single software that allowed me to test ALL of its features for free before getting it.

I am so happy I found Group Leads. It has really organized and automated my entire Facebook group. I am now able to fully focus on creating content, without worrying about lead generation. Group Leads is doing that for me already!

If you’ve been spending a lot of time with approving the right group members or lead generation, do check out Group Leads.

FB Post 2

I just found a whole new secret to the quickest lead generation process ever! I have been running my group for [xtime] and it was torture trying to copy-paste the answers of joining members manually.

I also accidentally deleted my only copy of the leads I gathered from my Facebook group.

I ended up spending so much time just weeding through new approvals and saving the data.

When I spoke to my friend Max, he told me about Group Leads. I am so happy to have found this software tool, it has really turned my life around.

With Group Leads, I have my entire lead generation process done automatically for me. Built by a really supportive team, I have been able to set up and run it so quickly.

Group Leads has allowed me to generate leads and get so many paying customers from my Facebook group smoothly.

I won’t say more, because they’re so awesome, you can start for FREE to check out the amazing features yourself.

Don’t spend time hunting for leads, get your own extension from right here :[Link]

FB Post 3

I compare everything before I use or buy. It helps me get the best deal.

Do you do that too? Because it is wise. And that’s why to get my Facebook group running process on autopilot, I shopped around for the best tool in the market.

There are many software tools that claim to help save my time and money by generating leads from my Facebook group.

Guess how I found the right one? Here’s how. All the tools promised one thing — generating leads, creating a funnel from Facebook groups.

They all had pricey packages. You could watch a video of how the tool worked, and then you bought it.

During my research with lead generation tools, I found most of them requiring another tool called Zapier. This is a paid service to connect my email marketing software with my lead data in the tools.

That’s a lot of money out of my pocket! Also, they had such complex processes.

Then I found the gem: Group Leads. This is a simple Chrome extension.

This tool can be started for free to test out the features. It has so many functions without paying extra or for any other software link-ups.

Group Leads helped me quickly generate 10 times the leads every month than without it. My entire process is now on autopilot.

I wouldn’t want to keep such a useful tool for a secret. So here: [link], is the Group Leads, the only software you need to manage your Facebook group easily.

FB Post 4

Generating leads from your Facebook group has many benefits for you. So how do you generate leads?

One way is to do everything manually. The answers to the questions that members enter before joining your group can be manually saved in a document. You can then manually filter who you want in your group and reject the remaining approvals.

You can then manually add the email addresses you collected as leads to your email list. Then convert these leads to your potential clients or customers.

That’s a long process. And if your Facebook group is fast-growing, you’ll be drowning in member requests. Also, multiply all that if you have more than one group.

Shortcut? Yes, there is. Used by over 2000+ entrepreneurs and business owners to generate valuable leads from their Facebook groups, Group Leads has emerged as the triumphant software tool in the entire market.

It does exactly what it says- automates your lead generating process. Saves your time and money. Lets you focus on content creation and not on mundane automation tasks.

Here’s what it does for you:

Generates leads from your Facebook groups(even multiple groups) in one click.
Provides multiple options to filter member approvals.
Saves data in 2 places to prevent data loss.
Helps you with leads data analytics.
Integrates with almost every email marketing software without making you buying other tools.
Declines spammers automatically.
Automatically messages declined members.
And so many more functions. A very straightforward chrome extension built to last with automatic updates.

It will ease your process of lead generation and help you manage your time on your actual business better.

Wondering if it is a good fit for you? Check it out for free here:[Link]

FB Post 5

Everything around is AUTOMATIC. Almost everything works in a few clicks.

You book taxi rides, hotels, flights, shopping everything with a few swipes and a click.

Then why would you manually generate leads from your Facebook group? It is a very time-consuming task. That time, which you could use to wholly focus on creating more content or improving your business.

Here, let me help you. I use Group Leads. It is a versatile, simple-to-use Chrome extension that helps you generate leads on autopilot.

Once you find your ideal package and set it up, you can connect your Facebook group to the Group Leads dashboard and then to your email marketing software.

Group Leads does EVERYTHING for you after that!

It saves the answers that your new members write before joining to 3 places.
You have a ready-made Google sheet with all the data arranged automatically.
The email addresses of your leads move automatically to your email marketing software. You now have more potential customers or clients.
You’ll have multiple options to filter member approvals.
Declines spammers automatically.
Messages declined members on autopilot.
Can you imagine the amount of time you’d have to spend for every one of the above tasks for every new member approval to your Facebook group? Also, imagine if you have multiple Facebook groups?

Group Leads saved all of that time for me. It really catapulted my business and made me so much more productive.

Here’s the direct link [Link] to get your own Group Leads chrome extension set up and running for you quickly! Lead generation on autopilot: automated for you fully!!!

FB Post 6

Generate leads from your Facebook group in the click of a button. Make that whole process automatic.

Use only one tool. Possible?

Yes. Try Group Leads. [Link]

FB Post 7

There’s only one tool in the market that will COMPLETELY make your lead generation process automatic. You do nothing.

Just set up the software and it works like magic generating content ideas and leads from your Facebook groups.

Here’s how: [Link].

FB Post 8

Mark Zuckerberg spent $10 million to run a 60 seconds ad during the Super Bowl LIV just to promote Facebook groups. Why?

That’s where the content, the leads and the business reside now. In the Facebook groups. In YOUR Facebook group.

So how do you make money out of that? How do you find clients and paying customers from your group? How do you grow your email list?

With this one software that stands versatile in the entire market: GROUP LEADS.

A true leader in lead generation and creating Facebook group funnels automatically for you! With literally no work on your end after the setup.

Try it yourself to believe it! Here’s where you can start for FREE: [link]. Check out the features and you’ll be blown away with how much of your work gets automated!

FB Post 9

More time, more money, more clients and customers, more freedom. Just from your Facebook Groups.

Check out Group Leads for free [Link] and you will be stunned with the level of automation in the lead generation market by just this one tool!

FB Post 10

Do you still manually create Facebook group funnels? There’s a faster, more automated way to do that.

Use Group Leads. It is a simple to use Chrome extension that helped me with creating my Facebook group funnel at full speed.

It quickens these tasks for you on autopilot in your Facebook groups:

  • Auto-approves members
  • Auto-declines spammers
  • Auto-creates email list
  • Auto-transfers member email addresses to your email autoresponder
  • Auto-saves leads to a dashboard and a Google sheet
  • Auto-messages declined members

And so much more. You get to test it out and see how much it saves your time and money.

You’ll never need a VA or any other extra software to do these multiple tasks on autopilot.

You can find this software here: [Link]. It saved my time and made me focus on my content and business. I hope it helps you too!

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How One Chrome Extension Completely Simplifies Lead Generation For You

You have a fast-growing Facebook group. You create content, manage and run your Facebook group(s), grow an email list and perform numerous tasks at the same time.

Here’s the one Chrome extension that will simplify your tasks on your Facebook group, freeing up your time and finding more future-paying clients!

Group Leads Automates Your Lead Generation Process

Introducing: GROUP LEADS — the only tool you will ever need to completely make your entire Lead generation process from your Facebook group on Autopilot.

Group leads is a power-packed, simple-to-use Chrome extension that makes it easier to create your Facebook group funnel.

Multiple Functions: Just One Tool

This one tool has multiple features that will save your time by completely automating several tasks that you might have been manually performing.

Take a look at all that Group Leads can do for you:

One Facebook group or multiple: Group Leads can generate leads from all of them. Saves the leads and email addresses from new members on a Google Sheet immediately. You can connect your email autoresponder to Group Leads. This will help your email list grow and turn these leads to future paying clients.

You’ll have multiple options to filter and approve members automatically. Decline spammers from joining your Facebook group automatically. Saves your data in 3 places so you never lose any data. It provides multiple options to perform analytics on your lead data. This will help you improve your Facebook group and content.

Strongest Tool in The Lead Funnel Market

There are many softwares available in the market that claim to help generate leads. But unfortunately, they require you to buy additional tools like Zapier etc to perform just the lead generation and integration software.

Some of the tools have very few integrations with email autoresponders. This would mean that if you have bought any other lead generation software, and if your favourite email autoresponder isn’t compatible with their tool, then your whole process, money and time goes in vain.

The entire reason for developing lead generation software is to automate the process. This means:

Simple setup

Non-tech operations

Flexible and simple interface

Automatic updates

Fewer clicks and process


Group Leads is the only stand-alone tool in the market that has a completely automated process. This chrome extension does not require Zapier or any other paid tool for you to purchase to function. Group Leads has integrated more than 23+ email autoresponders. With Group Leads, you can choose your favourite email marketing software to grow your email list and leads.

Usage and Market Standing

Group Leads has automated the lead generation process of over 2000+ entrepreneurs and businesses.


The lead generation scenario is very dynamic. You’ll always have new software coming up with claims to make your life easier.

The best way to choose one is to first test it before you buy it. Group Leads lets you check out all of its features for you.

You can run and explore all the benefits it provides for you to easily manage your thriving Facebook group.

Don’t hesitate, go ahead and check it out for yourself here: [Link]. Let us know if it has worked for you!

Your Facebook Group Is Your Goldmine Of Leads

Creating a lead generation funnel from your Facebook group is the easiest way to build your leads and client base.

If you look around you’ll find thousands of people whose business and content have flourished because they wholesomely reaped leads from their Facebook group.

Why Your Facebook Group Is The Best Place to Find Leads

There are multiple reasons why your very own Facebook group is the best place to garner leads. Here are some eye-opening reasons:

Grab it here:[Link]

Members that hope to join your group are already interested in your niche.

Members joining your group have unique ideas and pre-learned knowledge that will help you.

Members who are interested in your group will continue to contribute to your content.

If your group is active and constantly engaging, your existing group members help bring in more interested and related members to join your group.

They are already convinced by your subject expertise. You’ll need less pressure and effort in converting them into your clients or customers.

All you have to do is capture leads from your Facebook jackpot. So how do you do that?

Manual Process of Generating Leads

Besides the regular tasks of running a Facebook group, there is a unique procedure to generate leads from your Facebook group.

First, you’ll have to set up 3 questions for new members to join your group. The first two questions should be about what the new members hope to seek and learn in your group, and what they bring with them to contribute. The third question should be asking their email address.

Once you have set these up, you’ll have to copy the answers each time a new member joins, and then paste it on a Google sheet.

You’ll also have to make sure the right people enter your group. Window-shopping Facebook users who just join groups for the heck of it will ruin your engagement statistics. Hence, you need to filter out the spammers.

Then, you’ll also have to send customized messages to declined members. Some users require a gentle nudge to answer the questions before joining. Sometimes they forget and they could be worthy members of your group.

From the Google sheet, you can then manually pick the email addresses, add them to your email list, and send out content newsletters etc to turn these leads into your future paying clients or customers.

To Excel, You Need To Automate

Time is money, if you have to reap benefits you’ll need to be fast.

If you have a really fast-growing group with more than 10 members joining in weekly or daily, you’ll need a tool to automate the entire process for you.

Automating your lead generation process from your Facebook group will help you save hours if not days of your time. You’ll be able to make more money and save on hiring a VA to do the tasks for you.

Here’s The Best Lead Generation Software

The tech market is highly dynamic. There is only one way to find the software best for your fit. The one that lets you test it out completely.

While there are many software tools in the market that claim to help you generate leads from your Facebook group, there is only one that actually does the job.

Group Leads, a chrome extension used by over 2000+ entrepreneurs and businesses, has proven as the ultimate leader in completely automated lead generation.

This means that you do nothing except set it up, everything is automatic. From there, Group Leads does the entire lead generation as well as multiple tasks for you on autopilot.

Here’s a list of things that Group Leads does for you:

Auto-approves members (useful for a fast-growing group)

Auto-declines spammers (saves your time by filtering them easily)

Auto-creates email list (converting them into prospective buyers)

Auto-transfers member email addresses to your email autoresponder (No need of buying

pricey softwares like Zapier etc)

Auto-saves leads to a dashboard and a Google sheet (saving you from Data loss)

Auto-messages declined members (saves your time on sending customized messages)


In this quickly evolving world, you have to race along fast enough to hit the top.
Everything you invest in must reap benefits for you.

Finding leads from your Facebook group is not just leads.

Leads generation software Group Leads helps you reap a massive email list, potential clients and customers, a strong actively engaging group, all from your Facebook group.

It is time you automate everything, it is time you get Group Leads [Link].

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This is the most overlooked place for lead generation || Here’s where your leads are hanging out right now || Looking for leads? Focus on Your Facebook group!



Lead generation for your business is exhausting! The only way to make you grow faster is by automating the process. So have you gathered for leads from this goldmine yet?

A team of tech wizards put together a tool just so you never have to worry about reaping organic leads right from your Facebook Group!

Yep. You read that rightly!

Your very own Facebook group that you run for your business.

Look, you’ve worked super hard building a brand for yourself, created a niche Facebook group or even multiple groups, run it yourself or through a VA and produce related content. That’s a lot of hard work!

You’ll be blown over to know that over 2000+ entrepreneurs and businesses are daily using a simple yet powerful Chrome extension to automatically gather leads for them from their Facebook Groups.

Introducing: Group Leads. The simplest tool in the market that will generate massive leads right from your very own Facebook group.

The game is simple. You know all those people ramming your Facebook group with requests?

They’re more than ready to answer three questions to join your group. Heck, if they’ve heard enough of your brand and love your business already or even interested to pitch in and hang out in your group, they’re already handing out their email address to you.

That, is where your leads are.

Want to do that completely on autopilot? Grab your very own Group Leads Chrome extension from right here [add link]!

Oh, and just one more thing. Remember being ‘rammed’ by so many friend requests to your Facebook group that leave you exhausted filtering through? Worry not, we’ve got your backs. Check it out in our next email!


P.S: Want the whole tool to test for FREE right now? Head over here [add link] and grab it! Happy Lead Generation!

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Ever heard of a software that generates leads from your Facebook group in one click?

Introducing: Group Leads – One tool for the entire process.

Grab it here:[Link]

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Ever heard of a software that generates leads from your Facebook group in one click?

Introducing: Group Leads – One tool for the entire process.

Grab it here:[Link]

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Ever heard of a software that generates leads from your Facebook group in one click?

Introducing: Group Leads – One tool for the entire process.

Grab it here:[Link]

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Ever heard of a software that generates leads from your Facebook group in one click?

Introducing: Group Leads – One tool for the entire process.

Grab it here:[Link]

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Ever heard of a software that generates leads from your Facebook group in one click?

Introducing: Group Leads – One tool for the entire process.

Grab it here:[Link]

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Ever heard of a software that generates leads from your Facebook group in one click?

Introducing: Group Leads – One tool for the entire process.

Grab it here:[Link]

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